February closet editions

February started with editing of light weight tops.
Light blue scarf print top by Pink and the two piece 
nude and lace top by Quest.
Short sleeve corduroy jacket with "Oreo" button, was way too small. 
Sold at the flea market for 6.00 USD.
Also edited a brown Zara turtleneck top that was discoloured.
J.Jill patchwork silk skirt.
Sawary brocade jacket has been around since 2009, 
worn about 6 times.
Two piece Nathalie B. short sleeve pant suit 
and PuntoCom two piece black pinstripe suit.
Green silk flats from Seychelles, purchased in April 2012.
Worn eight times in 4 years, cost per wear 3.05 USD.
Brown fabric Baci heels, have been around since 2009!
Worn at least 25 times, as much as I love them they're in bad shape.

From the accessories drawer green pearl necklace and earring set
along, a grey necklace with a white marble heart and square charm 
bracelet that got no wear.

17 items.


Sheila said...

Well done! A fantastic edit this month. I have to do a big edit of my closet tonight (donation pick-up in the morning, plus ladies coming over for Book Club, so out it all goes!), and you're very inspirational!

backinstyle said...

Great job, Lorena. Although I do love that J. Jill skirt! I am also in the process of editing, as I box up my fall and winter wardrobe and unpack the spring and summer things. I bit of chaos in the closet for the next few weeks!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Very well done! You are the queen of closet editing, dear Lorena.

♥ Jessica