February Closet Additions

In February I received a few gifts, which
were warmly welcomed into the closet, these
were a Kenneth Cole purple bow belt, a
silver and turquoise tree of life necklace and
a set of fun bubble pins. 
Then came those things I bought.
I love bows and although I honestly do not need 
another dress, I figured that if I walked away from
this Cable & Gauge one for 10.70 USD, I'd regret it. So I bought it. 
It had a Kate Spade vibe... that was my excuse.
I also bought a red skirt from H&M on sale for 10.70 USD.
The fabric, the color - there was something I just loved about it 
even though I am fully aware that it will need altering.

Then came two pairs of black trousers by Mossimo each for 11.75 USD.
I bought two pairs of the exact same trouser in two sizes, you know for
when I eat those extra cookies and cannot fit into my regular size ; )
Also a black cotton jumper / overall Cottura dress for 6.40 USD.

Finally a pair of black sandals from Vince Camuto, 
on sale for 32.10 USD. They are soft and I have not 
purchased a pair of sandals in a while. 
This month 83.12 USD


Sheila said...

I love the shoes and the bubble pins. I'll have to see that black dress with the white bow on you - it looks shapeless on the hanger. I love the bright red skirt, but I'm curious as to why you buy so many items that need alterations? I am super-lazy (ha ha!) so I never buy anything that requires more $ for alterations.

Mica said...

Oh I'd love to see what that bow dress looks like on you too! It seems cute on the hanger :)

Getting two pairs of pants is a smart move too I find pants the hardest to buy and get the fit right on so it makes sense to have a backup pair if everything is perfect on them! :) Jeans I can do, I have a store that stocks the perfect ones for me, but non-denim pants I never have any luck with!

Away From The Blue Blog

Witchcrafted Life said...

Those pins are terrific - what a fun way to add some pop art charm to any look.

♥ Jessica