Closet mysteries

I only hang clean and ironed clothes in the closet.
Black trousers H&M - Brown short sleeve turtleneck Zara - Brown shoes Baci 
I inspect them before hanging.
Brown sunglasses Tommy Hilfiger - Brown tote bag Coach - Double belt Tennis 
It was a surprise when I grabbed this brown turtle neck only 
to find that the area close to the neck was discoloured. 
Wooden earrings vintage 
While I have no idea how that happened.
The result is that this top just got its last wear.

See below how it was worn before:


Anna Parkes said...

Such a shame about that as it's a very useful top. I say that because I have a grey one similar and know how useful mine is. I love that plaited belt x
Anna's Island Style said...

I have got rid of a good few tops myself- I suppose if you are just not feeling it anymore, it is best to make room for a few new bits:) Enjoy your weekend Lorena!

Elle Sees said...

bummer it can no longer be worn. it's a great piece!

Closet Fashionista said...

Oh no! It's such a great top too! Darn discoloration! :( And that belt is super fun :D

LyddieGal said...

Lately I've not been very happy with my washing machine. Last night I did a load of dedicates and when it had finished half of one shirt had dirt on it that it didn't previously have, large streaks of detergent, and half of it was bone dry, like no water had touched it. So when I wash my clothes, now I wonder, how clean are they even getting?

Kim Alston said...

Oh no! I hate when something like that happens.

Jessica Cangiano said...

I try to do the same. My closest is small and while well organized, garments are very close to one another, which can bring on wrinkles sometimes unto itself, so the more pressed I can put them away, the better.

♥ Jessica

Jane Droll said...

you iron everything!!! WOW!!! i CANNOT STAND ironing. i just hate it. many times i don't buy clothing if i know it will need to be ironed. YES, I AM THAT LAZY!