Beach day

The wedding was held at the beach, so staying an extra day made sense.
 Horse print jumper Millibon USA - Black flip flops Soda - Beware of Sharks tote Kate Spade
It had been ages since I had been to the beach.
When was the last time you went ? 


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Love your beach outfit! The print & cut are so pretty. I haven't been in ages :D

Mica said...

I was just thinking it's 2 months into the year and I haven't been to the beach yet! Hubby took the toddler there a few weeks ago while I was working. When it's a little cooler I'll think about it, it's been much too hot to want to sit on the sand at the moment, haha!

Love the print on your playsuit! :)

Away From The Blue Blog

LyddieGal said...

Really? Ages? How close to you live? I try to go often, even if it's just for photos. I'm so close it seems like a shame not to.
The horse romper is just adorable.

Michelle said...

Love this romper! I am planning a vacation right now & am looking for cute pieces just like this one!

Witchcrafted Life said...

Very cute outfit! The last time I was at an ocean beach was the start of autumn 2014, but thanks to the plethora of beautiful lakes around our region of BC, I rarely go more than a few weeks without setting foot (shoe covered or bare, depending on the season!) on a fresh water beach (which is something I try never to take for granted).

♥ Jessica