Chambray shirt Stradivarius - Trousers H&M -
Grey heels Vince Camuto - Beware of Sharks tote bag Kate Spade
When in doubt, just ask. 


drollgirl said...

Sometimes I do not LISTEN like I should. My boss is yammering on and on about something or other, and I tune out when suddenly I realize I am supposed to DO something for him. LOL. I can usually figure it out. IF NOT, I must ask again and that is not good.

P.S. As a kid I had a terrible time when I was tested for reading comprehension. I would read a paragraph or two, and then be faced with questions pertaining to the paragraphs, and I would invariably have to go back and re-read stuff and try to figure out what they wanted. If a subject interests me, I am all over it. If it doesn't, I tune OUT! Not good! Oh well. I've lasted this long! ;)

P.S. Love how the light brown pants set off the blue so nicely. I recently read a book on color theory. It was very, very interesting. BOY, I am rambling today!!!! But I learned that neutrals (such as your pants) really set color off and make it POP. As your outfit illustrates. Well done! :)

Witchcrafted Life said...

Wise advice, my friend. So often we lose or chose to shutter this ability as we get older. Children excel at it, but we feel that asking can make us look any number of negative things, so we'll often bite our tongues instead of posing a simple question. Strange, when one stops and thinks about it, yet, so very common.

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

Love this combo.
Communication is key.
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