First 2016 Closet edit

Starting off with one of the most short lived items
 in my closet: the pink salmon Jolly Chic pant set
purchased just two months ago.
Let's be honest, it did not fit well. The color was not flattering.
An Eileen Fisher lavender cardigan with a hole in it.
A Zara white top, hand me down from about 2012, worn 7 times.
Stained, odd fitting Rachel Roy dress and a cream Worthington 
cardigan that was snagged. 
A brown turtle neck was also in the bag, worn maybe 3 times in 
several years, I am not a turtle neck person.  My black blouse by 
Natural Exchange, worn 5 times in 6 years, it's time to go.
A light blue jean dress by Gentle Fawn, purchased in 2011,
worn about six times, I noticed by looking at the pictures that
it was high waisted and unflattering in addition to having faded
in the under arm area.
Also a Esley dress from 2011, not easy to wear, not a great color.
So sad to let this Carolina Herrera bag go, but it was
unwearable in this state, I don't know what happened to it.
Worn only ten times, paid 30.00 on ebay in February 2014. 

A pair of stainless steel firefly earrings that were happily received by a good friend and finally a gold tone two hears necklace from 2011, Forever 21 - that was not so bright and shiny anymore.

13 pieces. 


LyddieGal said...

I think you did make some good edits, though it is very sad the bag got so strangely ruined.
Chic on the Cheap

Witchcrafted Life said...

Ten items is a very commendable number this early in the year. Great job!

♥ Jessica

Mica said...

You've started off the new year so well getting rid of 10 things already! :)

I want to do a count of what I've got in my wardrobe but with half of it at our place and half at my in-laws I haven't been able to. (we saw a house we wanted, so started moving stuff into storage to sell our place, then we didn't get the house). I'm hoping this year I manage to get rid of more of the silly things I don't need in my wardrobe!

Away From The Blue Blog

Ester Mouse said...

I love everything.
Un besito desde ♥