We're done

Just grab and wear whatever. 
Jeans Unionbay - White button down shirt Gina Tricot - 
Vintage scarf Cacharel - Sunglasses Michael Kors - Boat shoes Aldo 
I wore this shirt and didn't wash it, could pass as "clean".
Just throw it on, no need to tuck.
Smile to make it through the day. Hopefully tomorrow will be better.

Or not.
We're done, or am I ?


Mica T said...

I hope your days improve soon Lroena! I want to give you a virtual hug :)

On the plus side, you looked great in this outfit, doesn't just look thrown on at all!

Away From The Blue Blog

Jane Droll said...

well you look great! sometimes you just have to wing it.

the weather here has been kind of cold lately. turns out when it is cold my looks/outfits sometimes suffer as my predominant concern is just being WARM! :)

p.s. i think i am going to wear the same dress again tomorrow. it's black. who cares. add a different scarf and sweater and nobody will even know. and if they do, would they really dare to confront me about it? methinks not!