First time ever

So, I am in the parking lot this morning, 
where my pictures are taken

Blue dress self made - Blue bag Zara - Orange flats Bimba y Lola
As I set the timer on the camera, my neighbour Paul, shows up
and parks his bike a few meters away from me and says "hi".
I have no idea what to say. It's the first time ever someone just
shows up in the middle of my little private blog shoot.
I smile, say hello, ask about his wife and continue taking pictures.
He then comes up and asks if I need any help, I politely say that  I
am use to taking pictures by myself, but  reply "thanks for asking".
When I first started the blog, I could have dropped 
dead right there and then.
Nowadays, well I've got other stuff in mind 
or maybe I finally grew up.


Mica T said...

Your dress is beautiful! You're very talented making it for yourself :)

I still feel really awkward when people pass by me as I take photos, I hope I'll 'grow out of it' but I'm really not sure, haha!

Away From The Blue Blog

Porcelina said...

I still can't help but feel self conscious in those situations! You handled it well. Lovely dress x

Bree Aylwin said...

I find that awkward too! You handled it so well. Pretty dress!

Jessica Cangiano said...

I love the colours in your dress so much! I have a vintage scarf with the same ones, plus white, green, and dark pink (if memory serves me right) and love wearing it with denim in particular. Very chic outfit - shift and similar style dresses are great on you!

Big hugs & many thanks for all of your fantastic recent blog comments,
♥ Jessica

Closet Fashionista said...

I love the print and shape of that dress!
And I still hate taking pictures where people can see me, haha. So awkward! Sometimes when Lydia and I are in the street taking pictures and people ask if we need help I DIE! UGHH! haha.

LyddieGal said...

I've had plenty of run-ins with people who want to know what I'm doing, help me out, ect, and once in a great while I will actually let them! Ha.
Love this dress, it's so adorable!
Chic on the Cheap

Jane Droll said...

love this dress -- what a fun and fabulous pattern!

i think we live in the selfie era, and the bonus is that it doesn't really matter anymore if one is taking pictures of oneself! no shame in that! and i am glad he didn't give you a hard time, and that you handled it well!