Don't do leopard

A few weeks ago I came across
a post on FB that mentioned leopard 
print should never be worn, it was of a company
that offers "styling and beauty" assessment.
Black tshirt Danskin - Black bag Michael Kors -
Gold tone birds necklace Forever 21

I freaked out, really ?!!
I think leopard print is a classic and that yes, 
it can and should be worn.
A few years ago I would not have been caught 
dead in this print, then I began to experiment.
Black trousers Zara - Black patent shoes Zara -
Leopard  print blazer Zara 
First it was a black bag with leopard print pockets, 
then a pair of leopard print flats, then a top and 
finally this leopard print blazer from Zara.

I agree it's a little bold.

What's your take on leopard ? 


Closet Fashionista said...

Ooh love this look! The jacket is great! I'm a big leopard fan ;)

LyddieGal said...

Never? That is crazy. I didn't own any leopard before the blog, and now I'm pretty sure I've got in everything imaginable.
Well, actually I don't have a blazer.
Chic on the Cheap

Sheila said...

I call bullsh*t on that assessment. Leopard goes in and out of fashion, but it's ALWAYS in style! I have had leopard EVERYTHING, including underwear. :)

Mica T said...

There's nothing wrong with a little leopard print! I certainly know what company I wouldn't be looking for styling advice from, haha!

I was one of those never wear leopard people either, I eased into it with some leopard print scarves. Now I have a beautiful red leopard print dress, which sounds out there but is really very wearable! :)

Your blazer looks great, especially with all the black :)

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

You styled it perfectly! I say keep leopard to 1-2 pieces. Really 1 or risk going overboard.

Jessica Cangiano said...

Phish to that advice!!! Leopard can be classy, is chic as the day is long, and is practically neutral in my books. I say rock it loud, proud and anytime you want!!!

♥ Jessica