Purple shades

I have a pair of sunglasses on me 99% of the time.
Cremeux Dress - Venezia Bag
The remaining 1% is the time I forgot them.
Before walking out the door this morning, 
I picked up my purple ones.
While they're not worn often, I love the hint 
of colour they add to any outfit.
Flats Fabrizio Gianni
Do you have coloured eyewear ?
Or just stick with the basics?


Kim Alston said...

They look so cute on you and I love your dress Lorena. I have a basic black pair, but it's because I wear a lot of neutrals.

Elisa Zanetti said...

such a chic dress!
Nameless Fashion Blog

Mica T said...

Love that dress, and those sunglasses on you!

I have a black pair I constantly wear, although I do have more fun brightly coloured pairs. The black pair are expensive polarised ones I use for driving, the other ones I have are just cheap ones that are not as good for driving, so they get worn a lot less.

Away From The Blue Blog

Jessica Cangiano said...

Fabulous shades! I need prescription sunglasses, of which I only have one pair (they're DKNY and look the 50s part quite a bit, so I totally love them!) that are, and then a couple cheapies that aren't. If not for this fact, I'm sure I'd have a whole drawer of them, especially since we live in such a sunny part of Canada.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica