Beware of Sharks

I am a sucker for bags and
shoes, and well other things.
So you can imagine how I'd easily fall for 
this "Beware of Sharks" tote.

Saltworks Jeans - Striped tote bag Kate Spade - Innovativi wedges -
 Off whilte sweater Tommy Hilfiger 
Although to be honest, what we really 
have to beware about is people.

Sharks do no harm.


Closet Fashionista said...

That tote is the cutest!!! I do love bags, but my weakness is shoes (And sweaters)

Kim Alston said...

I love that outfit and the tote is the perfect companion to go with it.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That tote is so awesome!!! I love a great hit of cheeky whimsy in an outfit like that. One is never too old for such, in my books. Your floating/illusion necklaces are gorgeous, too.

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

Yes, I do love my bags, and I love Kate Spade, and this tote is really cute. I almost got the scalloped kate spade tote, but it was about the size of yours and I decided it was just too big for me to carry as an everyday bag.

Of course people do pose more of a threat to people than sharks, but sharks just seem more frightening.
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