August Closet Edits

I am amazed at how many things are being edited from 
my closet.. yet the space is still tight.
I started off with this grey cardigan from H&M (sold at the flea market for 2.50 USD)
followed by a Poof! striped tshirt. The first I rarely wore and the second
got so much wear it was in piled to point of no return.

A black skirt from Mossimo which I considered
had gotten too short for me to wear comfortably.
Blue Galeno eyelet dress (sold at the flea market for 2.00 USD) which 
was a bit faded for my taste and my white Holy Codi Studio 
lace dress which was too short.
A formal dress by Jessica McClintock, never worn in the last 6 years
and my dark blue flapper dress from H&M (sold at the flea market 12.00 USD).
Tommy Hilfiger beige button down (sold at the flea market 6.00 USD) and
Tommy Hilfiger striped sweater (sold at the flea market 5.00 USD).
Navy striped top from Polo Ralph Lauren (sold at the flea market 7.00 USD)
and a two piece vintage set purchased in Argentina, worn
twice - it was too tight ! (sold at the flea market 15.00 USD).
A grey cold shoulder dress which I purchased on line and never wore as
it was to big (sold at the flea market 6.00 USD) and my red stripe button down shirt
from Polo Ralph Lauren also never worn (sold at the flea market 15.00 USD).
Three scarves, most with little imperfections: all sold at the flea market for 1.00 USD each .
A red beaded necklace that I never wore (sold at the flea market) and 
a brown sequined stretch belt that I had not worn in a while.
Two leather belts with cool buckles that I never wore 
(sold at the flea market)
A mini Prada like bow bag (sold at the flea market 5.00 USD) and Hello Kitty bag, 
both with tags, never worn.
A black corduroy bag from Guess that I never wore and 
and a navy patent bag from Zara - the pvc began to peel off.
Two Gap hair scarves that I bought and never
wore… (sold at the flea market)

Twenty six pieces in August.

How are your closet edits coming along ?


Sheila said...

I just did a massive clean-out, and I'll be doing another one at the end of September when I do my seasonal swap-out. Thanks for the inspiration, Lorena!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Awesome work! Mine has also been going marvelously!!! I've been on an editing/decluttering kick this summer and donated four large bags of used clothing (some mine, some Tony's) to charity in August alone. I didn't count the number of pieces that went buh-bye from my closet (technically more like my dresser drawers this time around), but I would conservatively place it at around forty, plus a good dozen or more pairs of unused, unopened hosiery that I knew I'd never wear because they just weren't my style (all bought online years ago).

Here's to a tiny bit more wiggle room in our closest and drawers! :)

♥ Jessica