Today I am wearing: Clarins eau des Jardins

I am always trying new products,
however I mostly review perfumes.
This time around I was smitten by the scent of 
Clarins Eau des Jardines and certainly convinced by 
the text on the box… 

Imagine a perfume that not only smells wonderfully, but its 
a "treatment" and it commits to uplift, refresh and captivate
The scent is light and fresh however 10 minutes after I applied it
it was gone. Every day I have been applying more and more 
with the hopes of it holding on to the wellness scent longer
however it has not happened yet. 
Lovely natural spray with short lived fragrance.

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Jessica Cangiano said...

One thing that sometimes help with quick-to-vanish scents like that is to apply a scent-free moisturizer, let it sit on your skin for a few seconds, then spritz your perfume and rub the two in together. They bond together and it can help hold the scent onto your skin for longer.

♥ Jessica