July closet editions

The month of July brought together some
interesting closet edits:

Started off with my white linen Portsaid 
dress (sold at the flea market), purchased recently 
and worn just once - followed by a vintage orange dress
 that after one too many alterations, I just gave up on.

Another dress worn just once was this by Jessica Simpson
(sold at the flea market)
altered twice, worn once, at the end it was too big. 
Striped My Michelle dress, usually worn as a swim suit cover up.

N/X Natural Exchange grey two piece pant suit,
over ten years old, got plenty of wear at the beginning
now, its just hanging there.

Then came the cardigan and sweater editions: green H&M cardigan
(sold at the flea market)burgundy cardigan and blue Py Casual draped cardigan like top.

This pink polka dot cardigan from Forever 21
got very little wear, its almost new. 

Black draped cardigan from Forever 21, grey vest from Stefanel Kids
(sold at the flea market) and my light blue short sleeve sweater by It's Our Time.

Black Jump USA top worn twice in about 8 years.

Light turquoise top Septima, was burnt during ironing in the back
part and the straps kept falling off my shoulder.
A green strapless sweater top Polo Ralph Lauren, a gift from Sheila.
I had issues parting with it, because I always received compliments 
when I wore it however it was heavy and got little wear. 
Black top ECI New York, worn once in six years.

Nude Express top(sold at the flea market) has been around 
for quite some time but it has been worn very little, white top 
by Solitaire (sold at the flea market)yellow top by St. John's Bay.
Purple top and  matching headband from Maroon.

Snake print top from Dalia Collection(sold at the flea market).

A pair of jean shorts by Tommy Hilfiger, over ten
years old. Never worn on the blog, just on weekends
for doing the garden… where it was finally torn.

A teal/turquoise clutch, that due to humidity began
to fall apart. 

My Christian Lay Love rings, they were in bad shape
and the rhinestone fell out :(

A total for July of 26 edits. 


Sheila said...

That's awesome - you are so good at editing! I love that you list all of them. Good selection!

Jessica Cangiano said...

Very impressive edit - you excel on that front, my friend.

I love that F21 cardigan sooo much! At the risk of sounding too forward, do you still have it? I would truly love to give it a new home if the size works for me and would be happy to purchase it from you if it does (please email me if doing so is possible).

Tons of hugs,
♥ Jessica