Express Lace

It's been almost six years since I began this blog.

Black trousers Zara - Black blazer Nine West - Lace top Express -  Black flats - Brown bag Madison Coach
Seems like it was yesterday but it's actually a lifetime away.

Vintage pins and brooches
I looked in my closet today trying to recreate that first outfit (below).

July 2009
Check if six years later, there were any garments left from the 
original outfit, and to my surprise there was only one item left
the nude lace top from Express.

October 2010                         October 2011

Worn only 5 times in 6 years, it was worn 
for one last time today.

July 2012

For old times sake.


LyddieGal said...

Six years later and only getting better, right? Hard to believe we've been blogging that long! I wonder if I have anything left from my first outfit post... probably not!
Chic on the Cheap

Jessica Cangiano said...

What a cool, original experiment to try! I've been blogging for over six years myself, but only posting outfits on any kind of even remotely regular basis for (nearly) 3.5 years now. I was too shy still in the beginning, but thankfully worked up the courage to start doing so. Perhaps, at a big milestone from that date, say like 5 years, I'll follow your lead and try for the same thing (to replicate the first outfit I shared back in 2012, which I view as the official start of me posting outfits on my blog). Thank you for the wonderful idea!

♥ Jessica

Mica T said...

I haven't been blogging as long as you, only 3 years, but you have me wondering what my first ever outfit was now! I don't think I'd have all the pieces to recreate it either.

Away From The Blue

Kim Alston said...

Happy Blogiversary Lorena! I love how you document your outfits! I may start doing that next year. It really helps. You always look great.