Confident in clothes

A few months ago I was preparing for an event.
Everything was set. My presentation was ready. 
Knew exactly what I wanted to accomplish. 
The room lighting and temperature were 
adequate, everyone had arrived on time. 
It was the perfect scenario.

Brown bag Madison Coach
A moment before starting, I made a quick trip
to the restroom and one thing happened that 
I did not see coming. It was my shirt. 
One of the buttons seemed like it could no longer 
stay put and there was no time to adjust. 
During the entire presentation I found myself crouching, 
pulling my shoulders in and worrying about my shirt.
My confidence plummeted. 
Blue skirt H&M - Button down shirt Lacoste - Brown shoes Baci 
Items shrink, we gain weight, our body changes.
It's one of the reasons I edit constantly.
We must be confident in our clothes,
so we can worry about the real important


mumandme-trapitos said...

La camisa es preciosa! Nos encanta el color! Un beso.

Closet Fashionista said...

Ugh! That is the worst! But I'm sure the presentation went well anyhow! Stupid shirt button! ha ha :)
As for the dress - I just never really have occasion to wear it, it's a bit more on the work side of pieces and I don't go to an office anymore

Kelsey Bang said...

very lovely outfit! you look so chic and put together! great summer look!

Sheila said...

Yes, that can really knock you off your game! I always do a "test drive" of any outfit that's going to undergo public scrutiny (well, more than posting it on the internet, lol!) and try it on to see if there are any annoying parts of it.

Mica T said...

Oh no! I hope your presentations till went well, even if you didn't feel confident!

Some days you just need the extra confident boot a nice outfit gives you, it's never any good when you're not enjoying something you're wearing, it makes the whole day much more uncomfortable!

Away From The Blue Blog

Kim Alston said...

I have the same problem Lorena! I'm busty. LOL It's something what can happen when giving presentations. No matter how much you prepare. But your outfit is so classic chic.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That is such an important message! Just because we bought item of clothing (or an accessory), we don't have to hold onto it for life. There's nothing wrong with parting ways with pieces that no longer work well for us, especially if they're potential "wardrobe malfunctions" in the making like that shirt was for you. I'm sorry you had that stressful experience, dear Lorena. Hopefully you find yourself in that spot ever again.

Big hugs,
♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

Button pulling aside, this is a perfect outfit. Huge bummer that such a small detail could have the potential to derail your presentation. You are absolutely right that we always need to feel completely confident in what we wear. Hope you were still able to accomplish what you set out to do.
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