That little skirt

Last time I wore this skirt was to work and then class.

Black tank top Da Moda - Printed skirt Tracy Evans - Black flats Sam Edelman - Black bag Michael Kors 
That day I received a comment that has been resounding in my head.  

It was something like "how cute that little skirt".

Green crochet headband

There is something in the word little, specially when 
it comes to clothing. In my head is it diminishing.
So now I am having second thoughts on the skirt.
Oh, and he headband is already gone.


Sheila said...

It certainly can be diminishing, implying cuteness and a childishness. I like the skirt, but it's nothing really special (no offense) - it doesn't really stand out to me.

The headband is too cutesy for you - glad you tossed it.

I haven't said so in a while, but I'm so glad you are still posting, Lorena! I love reading your posts - your voice comes through so clearly. I feel like I know you, and that we would get along so well if we ever met. I hope you don't mind my bluntness, but it's only because I feel like I could say things to my friend and you would understand them in the spirit they are intended. :)

Mica said...

Aww no I better watch what I say! I say things like 'that s acute little tee' or 'a cute little dress' or 'cute little skirt' now and then.

Although you're right it doesn't really add any value to what I'm saying. I just use it when I mean adorable...I mean cute is cute all on it's own, but little and cute is usually adorable (think baby animals!).

I hope it wasn't a comment I left that's made you rethink the skirt, as I think it's really pretty! :)

Away From The Blue

Chronically Vintage said...

Isn't amazing how a single word can skew a comment sometimes? The person may not have meant it in a derogatory or otherwise negative way, but if it impacts you as such, it's nearly the same thing as if they had.

I personally think this outfit is delightful and very pretty (now ex-headband included), and hope that you won't give up on this skirt if it's one you liked before. Your views on it and how it makes you feel are what truly counts.

♥ Jessica