Sometimes I stop to do some
"people watching".

Pink shorts Lacoste - Printed top H&M - Silver flats Zara
There is a particular specimen that I 
can never understand, tourists.

I watch them stroll by and can only 

why someone would someone pay
a copious amount of money to travel
to a foreign place, then stand in front of a landmark 
and take pictures badly dressed ?

Is it just me or is it difficult to see tourists who 
are well dressed... ?


Chronically Vintage said...

Tony and I love to people watch, too, especially when we travel and there are more opportunities (larger crowds, etc) to do so.

That's a really interesting point. I think that in general fashion has become so casual in recent years that it's getting harder and harder to see well dressed folks in most places (I swear, spotting someone wearing non-skinny jeans has become a rarity in recent years; when I do, it almost seems like they looked "dressed up"). It's a shame when people don't dress up while traveling though. It's something I always do and I love that travel can be the perfect excuse to go even more glam than at home (in some settings at least).

Big hugs & many thanks for your lovely comment on my latest outfit post.

♥ Jessica

aki! said...

Haha. I think some people just want to make memories by taking pictures!

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Angie said...

They are everywhere in Crete, too mostly badly dressed. Maybe that's not their real style back home but they compromise style for practicality during holidays or so I hope!

LyddieGal said...

Haha. I totally get it. We care about how we look everyday. Whether we are going to work or going to run errants or going to a party, we care.

But tourists are just people who don't care. They look this way at work, and on weekends, and at parties. It's who they are and when they come home and look at these photos, they will be happy. they are not going to walk around a foreign country uncomfortable for the sake of photos. Maybe they will regret it someday, maybe they won't.

But after a time, I think all fashion choices might become regrettable. I feel that way about what I wore in Amsterdam, and I was trying to look my best at the time.

Mica said...

I know what you mean about people watching! :) I liek to do that to (I get that from my Grandad, he likes to sit and watch people go by and marvel that he never sees anyone wearing the exact same things!).

I guess tourists are dressing for comfort and ease, not wanting to put any effort into what they wear. I know for trips I just want lazy, easy outfits that don't require any thought. And I guess if your wardrobe is either corporate style or evening attire, your casual style will be scruffier and even more relaxed! :) Not to the same standard as your outfits that require more thought/effort.

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Elegance and Mommyhood said...

I love people watching and hey I have been a tourist several times but no socks with sandals for me. I like to think I am pretty stylish IDK. Anyway, I always love soft pastels on you. I love how you tied that belt (I have a similar one I need to find) and your nails are perfect (as usual!)