XL Wood beads

I know it's huge.
Orange trousers Sculpture - Grey sweater Zara  -
 Grey flats Zara - Purple bag Coach 
My XL wooden bead necklace is quite a statement piece.

They add character to any outfit.
I chose to wear it today because these days…
character is what I need.


Mimi said...

Yes it is! And i LOVE statement pieces:)

Shybiker said...

I like it! Character is good.

Tallia said...

The color is so pretty! It's perfect for October!

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t said...

Love the orange pants! I love orange!

xo T.

Mica T said...

That is such a beautiful statement necklace! So nice worn with the block colour outfit too! :)

Away From The Blue

Anne said...

Lovely...I have a similar grey necklace a friend bought for me in Spain:)

Ann said...

Love the pants
and that necklace is fab!


Jessica Cangiano said...

Love those great chunky wooden beads and your whole outfit. I don't think I've ever had orange pants before (even as a kid, I don't remember having any), but you've suddenly massively got me wanting a pair. I'll have to see what I kind in the vintage repro world in this citrus hue.

Big hugs & happy weekend wishes,
♥ Jessica

Tina Bradley said...

I adore these fab beads! And, they are an added sense of character. T. http://tickledpinkwoman.blogspot.com

Kim Alston said...

they look so good with your outfit. love that orange and grey together.

Sonia De Macedo said...

They also scream of sunshine to me. Sometimes you need a little bit of that too.


Ramona said...

They give indeed character. You look gorgeous bright and fabulous look.

xoxo Ra


My Own Fairytale said...

Lovely outfit.
I really like the necklace and pants.

Jane Droll said...

i love big jewelry! this is beautiful!

and these colors look so good together!

joshylola said...

Me encanta el naranja, intentaré probar con gris, queda genial!!