Too many

Because of the poor quality of these 
pictures you can't really tell.

Purple bag Coach
But, I made the mistake of wearing too many prints, 
textures and designs together.

Blue striped blazer Forever 21 - White vintage blouse
It had been a while since I wore something I
thought looked awful.

Printed trousers Zara - Burgundy flats Isole

I guess this outfit makes up
for all that lost time :(


Tina Bradley said...

I think it's a great look for fall! I say the more texture and print the better. :) T.

Kim Alston said...

You don't look bad at all Lorena! Love all 3 pieces.

Jessica Cangiano said...

I think this outfit has a cool, funky, subtly swinging London during the 60s vibe.

♥ Jessica