Saturday Class

So I signed up for a class on Saturday.

Orange trousers Sculpture - Poof t shirt - Innovativi wedges -  Mint belt H&M
When did I think that would be a good idea,
I do not know.

I was sitting in class by 7:00 am.
How about that ?

What do you usually do on Saturday mornings ?


Mica T said...

Oooh, love the colours in your outfit! :)

Not too sure about Saturday school though - that takes dedication! Well done! :)

Away From The Blue

Jessica Cangiano said...

As if those orange pants - which I'm on the hunt already, as mentioned the other day, for a vintage-y pair of - weren't sensational enough, you've made my colour loving heart with your pairing of tangerine + mint (nails). That is so incredibly fresh, cheerful and pretty! #totallyinspired! :)

♥ Jessica

Sheila said...

I play Ultimate frisbee (about 5 months out of the year), go for brunch. Once in a while, I do a fill-in for another Weight Watchers leader, and then do lunch.