Little incentives

Sometimes when I dread something I search for 
incentives to make the journey better.

For example, I take a history class on Saturdays, where
I have to be in the classroom by 7:00 am.
It's too early, but I signed up for it.

Brown jeans Style & Co. - Yellow neon top Fiory - 
Vintage Sun scarf Burmel - Silk on Shoes flats - Purple bag Coach
So, my incentive here, which I look forward to since 
I get up in the morning, is that the University has a cafeteria 
that serves a dish I love.

So I look forward every Saturday to having this particular breakfast.


Mimi said...

Wow, that takes discipline but the breakfast sounds nice. Lovet hese photos and background!

Aesthetic Lounge

Jane Droll said...

that is so smart!!!!

i am CONSTANTLY dreading things! i dread! all of the time! the only good thing about this process is that SOMETIMES the thing i have dreaded isn't as bad as i thought it would be! but this isn't a great way to live, and i need to work on it!

p.s. love the photos!

Mica T said...

Love the scarf with your bright top! :)

Although I don't love the idea of having to be somewhere at 7am on a Saturday morning, haha! It's nice you can treat yourself to breakfast as a reward for getting up so early! :)

Lovely artwork in your photos too!

Away From The Blue

LyddieGal said...

Sometimes a little incentive can be a very powerful thing. Do you at least enjoy the class?
Chic on the Cheap

Shybiker said...

That's smart. I do the same thing -- I add a sweet reward to my unpleasant chores. Like after finishing an hour or two of hard mental work, I give myself a few minutes to relax with hot tea and a fashion magazine.

Jessica Cangiano said...

That is a highly important, intelligent motivational tool/trick, dear Lorena. I'm prone to doing the same as well - and if I truly can't find a silver lining, I'll try to invent one (such as creating a pleasant ritual tied to a not-so-fun event like my frequent doctors visits).

Love this punchy colour combination! You can wear yellow so sublimely well!

♥ Jessica

Kelly Roy said...

Hi Lorena! Great mentality and a great vibrant outfit.

ana said...

Me encanta tu look!