Fresh Air

I don't consider myself an outdoors person.

Be Bop dress - Melissa black bow flats
But, I have to admit that hearing the birds sing
and feeling the breeze is heaven to me.

So on weekends, I try to do a little bit of that.

It has nothing to do with getting dressed and all
about enjoying what we sometimes overlook.

Picking up odd seeds, 

Nail polish Essie Apple Mint 
cutting white ginger lilies to take home,

sometimes what we need is just a little fresh air.


Closet Fashionista said...

Hehe, I love being outside! :p Although I'm addicted to my computer a bit too much.
Loving the print of your skirt

ana said...

aaah es un vestido! se te ve muy lindo Lore! los zapatitos están monísimos!!

Ramona said...

I love to be outside, have a stroll. This is gorgeous weekend look and I love your nail art design, so pretty.

xoxo Ra

Jane Droll said...

i am not a super outdoorsy person either, but i love nature. and i love to be outside if the weather is nice and there is shade available (yes, i am picky!). if that makes sense? the outdoors can be so beautiful, and it makes you feel alive, and it is nice to get out and feel a breeze and the sun rather than being stuck inside at work all day breathing canned air!

LyddieGal said...

I'm not an outdoors person either, but I am definitely a windows open, eat outside person. Okay, I'm not a nature person. But I love flowers. And I love your cute manni!