Upsetting People

Three weeks ago I attended a meeting with
government authorities.

Gap jeans - Yellow blouse LuckyCom  - Purple bag Coach -
Silk flats  Silk on Shoes 
We were working on a law proposal.
Upon finishing the meeting, we set
the next meeting date: in two weeks.

The day before the scheduled meeting, I had
not received the document draft with the changes.

So I sent an email informing that I was attending
the meeting the next day but, that I had not received
the document we had worked on.

The lawyer assigned to the task was very upset 
that I had made this remark.

Sometimes I feel that I have this God sent 
ability to upset people, but come on, 
What are we in,  high school ?


Alexandra Zakharova said...

I really love the way you look, the outfit turned out great! You are splendidly got up, that yellow shirt is so original and chic. Besides, those snapshots are so lovely:)
Have a fabulous time!

Mica T said...

Love that yellow shirt paired with the denim, such a cheerful outfit! :)

I think the lawyer who was upset by your email was very touchy! I don't see the reason for them to be upset, you're right!

Away From The Blue

subham rai said...

To begin with it isn't your mistake infact I feel that you did the right thing by inquiring about the documents & the person who got upset seem to be a little too sensitive. Don't you think? Anyways I love your slouchy blouse. Amazing color and would you like to follow each other on all socials to keep in touch?


Louise said...

Love your outfit, that necklace is gorgeous. Wow sounds like that lawyer is super sensitive! xx

Thrive on Novelty

Imogen said...

Agreed! You are in the right here so remember that. You look beautiful in yellow

ana said...

Ay Lore parece que el gobierno funciona igual en todos lados... tu hiciste bien! me encanta el color y el corte de la blusa!

Katherine said...

Great color blouse! Looks perfect with your boyfriend jeans love the turquoise cross necklace :) You did good on requesting the draft. You just wanted to be prepared!

Black Dress Inspiration said...

Qué blusa más ideal al igual que el bolso que es una preciosidad