September closet edits

September closet edit time.

A lace Have tank top, it was a hand me down and
was not worn much. I sold it at the flea market.

Yet another 7 For All Mankind pair of jeans.
Great wash but it was too low cut.

Purchased in April 2012, my pink Papaya jeans
were really low cut - still, I wore them 12 times,
taking cost per wear to about 0.50 cents a wear.

Fergalicious beige pumps.
I bought these on line a few years back.
They were pretty worn.
Worn at least 30 times on the blog, I got my
money's worth :)

Another one to go was this black patent Xoxo wristlet.
Never, ever worn. I decided to let it go 
because it rusted.

My turquoise enamel butterfly earrings were also
let go. I figure I have enough small earrings.

Another item that I let go of was this 
silver tone mother of pearl necklace.

My white mother of pearl like sunnies.
These were purchased in November 2011 for
the sum of 5.99 USD.
I wore them to death, yeah and they fell apart.

For a change, this month I also went through my formal wear.
Got rid of a pink ABS Evening dress that I wore to three weddings and when I tried it on it looked hideous.

Also in the bag a Eureka dress that I also wore to three weddings and decided that it was timeto get rid of it, it also looked awful.

Finally a gold Bari Jay dress, worn once, it no longer fits me or my current style and lets not forget that this takes a lot of room in the closet.

Total September edits: 11


Ann said...

Oh those are gorgeous pieces
especially the jeans and gown.

Barbara Bermond said...

the pink dress is fantastic!!!

Closet Fashionista said...

I definitely need to do a closet clean out soon. I have some things in a box, but need to get rid of more

Shybiker said...

I like it when people wear clothes out, like your sunglasses and beige pumps. Clothes are meant to be worn, not neglected in a closet.

Rabea Schulte said...

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Keep in Touch xx Rabea from germany