New outfit

I find quite amusing the fact that I can 
pair together two items in my closet that
have never ever been worn together before.

Blue trousers Jones NY - White tank top St. Michael's -
Short sleeve striped jacket Nathalie B. -
Tsubo yellow heels - Purple bag Coach 
For example, this striped jacket, its been around forever.
However I had never thought of pairing it with a pair
of blue trousers like I did today.

Gold tone rope necklace - self made
Its kind of fun to think that you can actually mix
your garments into endless possibilities and create 
a "new outfit" with old items.




Closet Fashionista said...

So true, and sometimes its really obvious combos that you completely overlook, haha

Kim Alston said...

Lorena, all of these outfits look fantastic! I just read a book that talks about mixing and matching pieces on the blog today.