Lying to myself

The last couple of days I have been 
wearing a twelve year old pair of jeans
from 7 For All Mankind.

Black bow tie top MNG Mango - 7 For All Mankind Jeans -
Black flats Jessica Simpson - Purple bag Coach
They are tight and the hem is awful.

Red heart sweater Forever 21 - 7 For All Mankind jeans -
Stripes and flowers flats Nine West - Purple bag Coach

However I keep wearing them, the reason ?
I'm lying to myself, thinking that "they fit"
and they don't , they're a size that I no longer am.

So, yes I am pushing myself to let them go.

If you have to be truthful to someone, it's gotta be yourself.


Mimi said...

I think they look relaxed and the hem isnt bad at all...I think we are always hard on ourselves and I would never have known these were 12 years the heart sweater:)

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Mica T said...

They look good to me in photos, but I think it's more important how things make you feel than how they look really. You have to put up with how something feels all day, you only notice how it looks when you pass a mirror! Definitely worth letting go of if they aren't good for you :)

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Imogen said...

Totally in love with the heart jumper, it is so perfect.

Makeup DeMon said...

Well, I think it is best when you feel comfortable with jeans ;)

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Good for you for trying to let them go. I think we all have pieces of clothing like that from time to time. Happy weekend.

LyddieGal said...

Fit is a funny thing. Sometimes I buy things and I think they fit, and then the next time I put them on they are too big, or too small or just don't sit right. Since we want to look our best, we just need to weed out anything that is only so-so. Which is hard. Really, really hard. But we can do it.
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