Flat day

After a few hectic days that involved long 
days and high heels it was time to go flat.

So a pair of really flat sandals under a l
long skirt seemed the way to go for work.

Long blue print skirt Talbots - White t shirt V - Jean jacket  -
 Follies sandals - Purple bag Coach  
To be honest I think footwear where your
toes can be seen are not work appropriate,
however considering the situation 
I broke my own rules - then again I did not
meet any customers today.

Do you have any rules of your own regarding 
what to wear or not to work ?


Mica T said...

Love that maxi skirt on you, and the blue outfit it is part of :)

I do have rules for office wear - I try keep blue denim to casual Fridays, and my usual rules for modesty (nothing mini-length) apply. There have been days where people (more senior than I) have come to work in board shorts (is this an Aussie thing? boardies? Like long swim shorts?) and flip-flops, so I don't have too many rules, it's a very relaxed office! In most offices I've worked in before I'd agree on the no uncovered toes thing, but in my current one...anything goes!

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Shybiker said...

My work, as you know, is formal so I have to wear a suit and tie. On days when I know I'm not going to see anyone, I'll relax that by going without a tie. Not exciting, is it...

Mimi said...

I think it depends, sometimes you can get away with it, and it looks like your skirt is long enough to cover a lot of toes anyway:)

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LyddieGal said...

I used to wear open toes in the office all the time - always with a fresh pedicure of course!
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Anne said...

Your maxi skirt looks great with the denim jacket:)

Kim Alston said...

I just go with the flow! Lol

Sheila said...

I've been in very strict clothing environments (working in a women's clothing store!), and I much prefer my office's business casual environment. Some people are dressier like me, and some are quite um, less so. :) I have the modesty rules too: no boobs, no super-short. I always have clients, but they appreciate the creativity in my clothes.