Neon Walk

I thought it would be a good idea to 
finally wear my new-to-me vintage twin set.

H&M Neon Pink trousers - Vintage colourful top - Green Flats Vitoria Ferreira - Grey bag 
I bought it while in Argentina in a very well known 
thrift shop and I swear that at the time it fit well.
Or so I thought.

Today, I feel like a wrapped sausage.
It's so tight that I could barely have lunch.
I am so upset just to think that I will have to
let it go with just one wear…
Maybe I'll try different undergarments or
a high waisted bottom.
We'll see.


Kim Alston said...

If it's not comfortable, let it go.

LyddieGal said...

I am quite guilty of what I call "dressing room goggles" where I put something on and convince myself that it works, then after I've bought it I realize that it does not.

This is a really cute piece though, I hope you can make it work, at least once more.
Chic on the Cheap