I cannot tell you how long it has been since I
wore jeans overalls - certainly over 10 years ago.

White t shirt - Jeans Overall MNG Mango - Gold flats Nine West 
I had been looking for a pair of these for months now.

Finally found them at MNG Mango.
I was a bit skeptic on buying these as they were almost 100.00 USD.
However, the day I wore them I got so many compliments that
I felt that it had been a good investment.

Do you own a pair of overalls ?
How else would you style them ?


Mica T said...

You look great in those overalls! Lovely casual outfit :)

I had a pair of overalls when I was much younger, so I'm letting the trend go past me this time around haha.

Away From The Blue

Cosmic said...

I had a gr8 pair of overalls(aka dungarees in Blighty:) Which I really loved(made me happy, so comfortable too:). You look gt8 in yours, Lorena! X

LyddieGal said...

I was obsessed with having a pair of overalls in middle school. searched for months for the 'perfect' pair. They were from the Gap outlet.
It is not a trend I am willing to wear again, but I can admire them on others.
Chic on the Cheap

Jane Droll said...

i had the cutest pair of overalls when i was a teenager. i remember the exact outfit that i wore, and i LOVED it. i loved it so much until a co-worker called me dexys midnight runner/come on eileen. if you are not familiar with that band/song, you can google it and watch the video.

after that comment was made i never wore my overalls again!