The eyelet jacket

It's no secret I like eyelet.
There's something girly and vintage about it.

GAP jeans - Light blue eyelet jacket Liz Claiborne - white ruffle tank top Forever 21 - Blue wedges BCBG  

However I have a difficult time wearing it.
For example, this light blue eyelet jacket has
been around for a while and for some reason I 
just don't know what to wear it with.

I've worn it with white trousers, blue trousers and today with jeans.
I am not satisfied with the results - maybe it's because the 
jacket does not sit at the natural waistline ?

What else would you pair this jacket with ?


Kathya Stryzak said...

Buenas tardes! la jacket de jeans es una buena pedida si..

Pia J said...

I think this jacket is cute! I like it with jeans, could you wear it open? Maybe that would help with the way it sits. Regardless you look great.


Kim Alston said...

it looks really nice with denim (the way you have it styled). i was going to suggest white underneath. it's ashame the white trousers didn't work. not sure about a long white skirt. i'm stumped lorena. i just bought some eyelet trousers for my mom (pink & yellow for summer).

Jessica Cangiano said...

I absolutely adore eyelet as well! My paternal grandma used to have numerous decorative items (chiefly pillows and handmade dolls) that had eyelet on it when I was a child and I fell in love with it from that early age onward.

This jacket is so very beautiful! I wish I had one just like it (I'd partner it with skirts in spring and over gauzy sundresses in the evening come summertime).

♥ Jessica

Mica T said...

That jacket is lovely! I think it would look great with dresses or skirts, have you tried either of those?

Thank you so much for your sweet comments on my blog - I'm excited Cooper will have a sibling! :)

Away From Blue

LyddieGal said...

I really love eyelet too, it always feels so summery! I suppose I'd give it a try over a dress... probably a white one.
Chic on the Cheap

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

It is hard to tell that is eyelet. I love the Lighter Chambray on top & Darker Jeans on the bottom look and I have done it too, before. I have seen it on many stylish bloggers and I love it always. You did a great job styling that jacket. Love the Pumps.