Worn last in 2009

Last time this jacket made it out of the closet was in 2009
and the tank top was last worn in 2010.

Liz Claiborne black trousers - Light green tank Mossimo -
White shirt sleeve jacket Best brand  - Daniblack black shoes 
The trousers were purchased 2 years ago and 
worn a max of 5 times ... as you can see the fit 
is not the most flattering.

As you can only imagine I was not happy
with this outfit's outcome, although at the end 
it sent two pieces to the give away bag:
the tank and the trousers.

The jacket I'll deal with later.


What Kenny Hearts said...

this is such a lovely post dear! I am so liking your outfit here in this post. Already excited to see your future posts.

What Kenny Hearts, a Lifestyle Blog by Kenny.

Londyn said...

Really? You don't like this? You are WAY too hard on yourself lady b/c I think you look just beautiful. I love you in white (which is difficult for a lot of people to wear), and I think the belt cinches your waist and is so flattering.

Kim Alston said...

Lorena! Smack Smack! Get those two pieces out of the bag right now! This outfit looks fabulous on you. What are you talking about! HAHAHA It really looks good.

Ginny MyNewFavoriteOutfit said...

So,etie a you just have to give a piece one last try, now you have a reason to replace them :)

Jane Droll said...

well i think it all looks great!

i need to go through my jean drawer and get rid of many. most of them don't fit or don't flatter, so i just need to get over it and give them away.

Sheila said...

I'm a thumbs up on the jacket - glad you tossed the pants (short curvy ladies like us + wide-legged pants = not quite right). I think with a fuller skirt this jacket would be a waist-nipper. Love it.

LyddieGal said...

Short sleeve blazers are so 2009. I got rid of all of mine on the grounds that it should either be a proper blazer, or a vest. This in-between sleeve length is just too non committal.
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