Velvet in Summer

Most people would be horrified at the thought of wearing a 
velvet garment in the summer.
Black trousers Sigried Olsen  - Black button down shirrt Da Moda by Periority
- Snake print wedges Jessica Simpson - Purple suede jacket George

In my case it's perfect as my office a/c is set to Alaskan temperatures

I am coming down with a cold.

Then again, all I needed was an excuse to wear this old friend.


Jenniya said...

love your jacket! :)

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Sheila said...

That's a gorgeous jacket! Love the colour and the buttons.

Hope you feel better soon, Lorena!

Pia J said...

Love this jacket! Personally I see nothing wrong with Velvet in the summer especially when most places are so cold inside. Looks beautfiul on you.


Kim Alston said...

Lorena, that purple velvet blazer is absolutely gorgeous doll. So pretty! I love the buttons on it. Send it to me! hahaha Hope you feel better. Being sick is no fun.

Closet Fashionista said...

I love that blazer! :D Purple rocks :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

That rich, regal purple is divine! I love its inherent sense of opulence and sophistication, and see zero reason why you should't rock it all year round (I certainly wear some of my lighter weight velvet and suede pieces, such as beloved black 1950s pencil skirts, one each in velvet and faux suede, in the summer, too).

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

If it's always summer when you live, doesn't that mean you can wear whatever you feel like?

Not that it's fun to be stuck in a cold office, especially when you are getting sick.

Feel better Lorena!

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ana said...

que lindoooooo me encanta el terciopelo!!!!