Bad timing

Last week I was thinking about a friend
that I had not spoken to in about a year.

Anne Klein black and white dress - Moleca black suede shoes - H&M black cardigan

I decided to make a note to myself so I would call him.
The next day I did, as I drove to school.
When I called the first thing I asked was how he was doing,
he said he was not well as he was right then in the 
hospital with his father who was having a heart attack.

He was alone. I was speechless.
The last thing I would have thought of was that I would 
call in the middle of such a difficult moment.
 After I hung up I felt awful for letting so much time
pass between calls, for not being there.

Today I attended his father's funeral and
there is a sense of guilt that I could not part with.


Kim Alston said...

That is so sad. Don't feel bad Lorena. You didn't know. God brought you back into his life just in time. Move forward with your friendship. He really needs you now. You looked beautiful.

Jane Droll said...

OH GIRL. this is so sad. life can change in a second, so i don't think you should feel guilty. none of this is your fault, and you are a true friend for reconnecting and for attending the funeral.

and your outfit is fabulous.

Stacey said...

God sent you back to him in the most perfect time of his need - that is the most important thing you were there when was all alone and your call reminded him he was not alone - you should not feel guilty at all. Much love and prayers my dear friend

Jessica Cangiano said...

Dear Lorena, there is know way you could have possibly known. Life, sadly, is wrought with tragedy, and you should not feel bad for any reason that you rekindled your relationship with this friend just as his family was enduring an especially painful one. Instead, try to take solace in the fact that you were able to be there for him now and that perhaps this event will help you two stay in closer contact from here on out.

♥ Jessica

LyddieGal said...

Maybe it wasn't bad timing. He was alone just when you called, maybe your phone call helped at that terrible moment.

I So love this dress, that pocket detail is just fun and unique.
Chic on the Cheap

Elegance and Mommyhood said...

Oh don't feel bad. Time flies. We are all busy folks these days. You did look nice at the funeral. That dress is beautiful. You looked very nice paying your respects.