I try to take good care of my stuff.

I know people who lose things all the time: keys, money, clothes -
I associate this with carelessness, no appreciation, clumsiness..
which are all words that I rather stay away from.

So you can only imagine how upset I was after I realised that
I could not find something I was looking for.
I have been searching for a month now and I think I
will have to declare them officially lost...
I still have hope they're just misplaced.

My pair of Michael Kors sunnies recently featured here.

Do you misplace things ?


Mica T said...

Aww I'm so sorry you lost your sunglasses! Sunnies are the one thing I lose. Or break. Everything else I'm pretty good with! :)

Jessica Cangiano said...

Oh no! I swear, sunglasses are one of the most frequently lost articles of clothing or accessories. I think it's because of how often, and in all the different places while out and about during the day, that we take them off and put them back on again. It's so easy to accidentally place them down for a moment somewhere and completely forget about them. Fingers crossed your MIA pair shows up, dear Lorena.

♥ Jessica

Ariane Lasalle said...

All the time it drives me isane!

Kim Alston said...

I hope they turn up for you. Never lose faith. I've lost things too and it can be quite upsetting.

Jane Droll said...

ack!!!!!!!!!!! i am so sorry!!!

i have a pair of paul smith sunglasses that i adore. i have been wearing them every day for about three years. i'd say three or four times i have thought that i lost them. SO UPSETTING. thankfully they turned up. i hate losing things i love. and money! lol.