Two of those

This post is about two of those outfits.
Two of those outfits that I am sure many
find not blog worthy.
However, these outfits exist.

Saltworks jeans - Tommy Hilfiger striped polo
This is proof - and I am certain many bloggers
will avoid posting outfits like these - regular jeans
and a plain polo - however I am ok with that-

Lacoste yellow striped polo

Do you avoid posting certain outfits ?


Mimi said...

Still noteable,bc everybody has jeans and its fun to see how people wear em! I dont AVOID certain outfits but I just dont bother taking a picture of them sometimes<<<Im glad you posted these, nice to see these looks from time to time!

Mica said...

I post what I wear every day, so yup there are a few jeans and tee outfits!

There are bloggers who only dress up for shoots, I'm not one of them so I'm comfortable sharing what I wear every day. Even if it's a singlet and trackie dacks!

Always nice to see casual "what I really wore" outfits, so don't feel you shouldn't be sharing what you're wearing! :)

Sheila said...

I don't post what I wear around the house; only what I wear out in public.

LyddieGal said...

Yes, I have outfits I don't post - but I don't photograph them either! If I go to the trouble of taking the pictures, you'd better believe they end up on the blog!
Chic on the Cheap

Chronically Vintage said...

You're so very lovely, elegant and stylish, dear Lorena, even the outfits you dub ordinary are beautiful and a delight to see.

♥ Jessica

ana said...

si la verdad si... pero no tiene nada de malo... y al o mejor un día publico un look no muy pensado más bien un básico de mi semana ;) como un día que sé que voy a caminar mucho o a estar con el bebé no puedo traer el vestido o el pantalón formal ;)