Looks like Saturday

This looks like something I'd wear on a Saturday,
but, it's actually Friday.

Red jeans Old Navy Sweetheart - Hello Kitty sweater Forever 21 -
Blue suede flats Zara 
I did feel a little too informal when I entered the elevator
in my office building, as everyone seemed to be wearing a 
monkey suit except me.

I was the only one wearing the Hello Kitty suit :)


Mica said...

That is such a cute top!

I thought those were real glasses in the first photo! It was only when I scrolled down I noticed it wasn't, haha!

Chronically Vintage said...

Super cute! I'm a huge Hello Kitty fan! I went through a major kawaii phase in my early 20s, but even after moving on (much as I still like the genre/style in general), HK remains a firm favourite (and I suspect she always will).

♥ Jessica