The nail cuff

It was back in the December 2012 In Style Edition that I
saw the nail cuff.
I have to admit it was love at first sight.
As much as I love the original piece, my budget did not-
so I looked for something similar on line and
purchased a silver nail cuff via Ebay.
 I am not pro knock offs and this cuff does is not marked with 
the brand name although I have to admit that it
does look a lot like the original piece.
Now, after I hunted it down for weeks,
I have mixed feelings on it...


Stacey said...

I really like it!! That is the most unique bracelet and your purchase is a perfect replica!! BRAVO!!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Very unique Lorena! I love the design!

Imogen said...

Never seen anything like this before, I think it is so cool.

Mica said...

I have seen lots of these nail kind of bracelets around - they look so cool! I really like your silver version :)

Chronically Vintage said...

This really caught my eye when I saw it In Style, too. I think it's awesome in an industrial chic kind of way - it would look great with anything from patched denim to a black moto jacket, IMO.

♥ Jessica

Cool Vanity said...

Yo también tengo una réplica en acero dorado. Bsinos.