Purchased in May

May has been one of those months
where I must admit that shopping got 
a bit out of control.

It all started with this black and white Anne Klein dress.
I had been lusting for months now after this YSL black 
and white skirt with the side pocket:
Image via 
The dress was soooo similar...
I hunted it down on line but could
not find it. Then after going to 4 stores
I found it, one piece in my size... for 117.00 USD
it's more than I usually spend on a dress,
if you follow these purchases posts you know what I mean,
but, I just had to have it.

Then I took a brief vacation and
walked into every single H&M
store I encountered. 
I have a weakness for this store.

While in Luzerne I bought this H&M flower top on sale for 20.00 CHF.

In the same store I picked up a pair of neon trousers.
Neon. Neon for 15.00 CHF. Neon.

Also bought on sale a pair of black and white trousers
on sale for 10.00 CHF.
I call them the orcas, they remind me of the orca whale.

While at the Zurich airport I walked into H&M
and picked up this striped dress for 14.90 CH.
How could I say no ?

At the same airport store I walked off with
a pair of blue printed trousers and matching sleeveless top,
each for 14.90 CHF.

While walking in Amsterdam my shoes got wet.
I entered an H&M store and picked up a pair of
grey sneakers for 19.50 € (25.35 USD)
I never wear sneakers, however I liked these.

I also picked up a pair of turquoise/green suede bow flats for 5.00 CHF.

While in Istanbul I fell in love with a simple pair of colorful silk flats I
saw in a store window, these were 30.00 USD
Another item I purchased were these tiny hand painted typical Delftware windmill earrings for 7.00 USD.

Also from H&M a bottle necklace for 3 euros and a round 
porcelain ball pendant necklace for 2 euros - about 7.00 USD total.

From Istanbul, a long thin silver necklace with zirconia
for 30.00 USD

From Amsterdam I also picked up a delft pendant (9.00 USD),
in Istanbul grand bazaar I picked up 4 silk bracelets (total 32.00 USD).
The original idea was to keep 2 and give the other 2
as presents, but I still have not made up my mind 
because I like them all so much.

Finally bags.
I picked up 4 bags for 410.00 USD 
(one of which I am considering in giving away) 
and a keychain for 7.00 USD-

This adds up to triple 7.
Yeah, I went so overboard.
 I don't even want to write the number down.


Mica said...

So many nice purchases! I know it adds up to a lot, but I always find that I buy more when I'm on holidays. You have lots of lovely mementos of your trip now, and you can be good next month to balance it out :)

Mimi said...

Well, you did great the other months! Love the purple pants! Great purcahses, enjoy em and dont feel guilty:)

Aesthetic Lounge

A Very Sweet Blog said...

haha lorena! you had a ball. love those pink and also black/white pants. those dresses are fab!

The Dragonfruit said...

Okay, you have done one fantastic haul here! I am loving the striped dress and that first one as well

Trendy Teal

Cool Vanity said...

Me encanta el primer vestido, es ideal. La falda también. Bsinos.

Witchcrafted Life said...

Oooh, holidays are meant for going a bit overboard - relish your beautiful treasures and the lifetime of memories from this wonderful trip that they're provide you with.

♥ Jessica

Kristen said...

Heehee, I had a shopping spree in May too. Now I just need to get my act together to post about it! At ths point I will probably combine May and June together in one post.

LOVE that white dress with the striking piping.