Music to my ears

Lately work has been rough.
Not only is it just too hot but we are having 
some crazy weeks.

My solution to this is to listen to music.

I'll find something fun that someone might be 
dancing in a bar to, in a different time zone.

Black tank Da Moda - Wild Girl printed trousers -
Vera Wang Lavender black flats - Roberto Cavalli black bag
I just stop to listen, sing along and even dance
 and then just type away.

Music is truly magic to my ears.


Sheila said...

I treasure my walks to and from work because I can listen to my music and not think about what I have to do.

Looking lovely!

A Very Sweet Blog said...

Music, will definitely help anything. Give me those pants and necklace. HAHAHA

Lisa said...

This is a really cute outfit. Love the pants.

Chronically Vintage said...

Beautifully said - music can do so much to sooth the soul on frazzled days (and, by the same token, revive one's spirits when you're feeling down).

Fantastic necklace - key jewelry has always been a favourite of mine, too.

♥ Jessica