Where is the iron ?

I finally received my order from Forever 21 and
wanted to wear the top I got immediately -
but it needed ironing.

Flower top Forever 21 - Pink jeans Papaya - Innovativi wedges

I looked for the iron all over the place and
found two irons, but none of them worked.

Green cardigan Zara - Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction

However since my mind was made up on wearing the top,
I chose to wear it anyways and covered the wrinkled back with
a military green cardigan.

Yeah, I got way with it.

How do you get away with wearing wrinkled clothes ?


A Very Sweet Blog said...

Your top is so pretty! I love the colors of the flowers! I loathe ironing. HaHa You did great with the cover up! HaHa

Judy C said...

I don't blame you for wanting to wear the top. It's so pretty.

Cool Vanity said...

Que camiseta más chula!.
Es verdad que aquí en España la cadena Inditex tiene precios increibles al final de las rebajas, merece la pena. Bsinos.

LyddieGal said...

you know i just wear them, and pretend otherwise. really. i hate getting out the iron, even though i know exactly where and it is and that it does work.

love the new top too!
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