Gina's bridal shower

I had a bridal shower to attend to today.

INC International Concepts yellow dress - Purple velvet blazer George -
 Zara silver flats - Arena Milano grey bag
The bridal shower was for my brother's girlfriend Gina.

Since traffic is crazy in the city and I knew I would not have
 time in the afternoon to go home and change, 
I decided to wear the dress for the event to work
and just threw on the velvet jacket I wore on Monday.

H&M acrylic ring

Later on that afternoon I took off the jacket, jumped on a pair 
of Hypnotic grey heels and added a color clutch.

In crazy traffic days, you have to get creative
in order to make your life simpler.
Totally worked.


ana said...

Me encanta tu vestido Lore te ves hermosa y el amarillo te sienta muy bien!

Lisa said...

You look exceptionally beautiful in this yellow dress.
I love the purple velvet jacket and I'm really jealous! I've been looking for one for years....Jon Bon Jovi wore one and I've dreamed of owning one since! If you ever purge it from your me and I will buy it from you if its in my size!!!!

Mica said...

Really like the purple and yellow together! :) Nice change from day to night as well, hope you had fun at the shower :)

Chronically Vintage said...

Everything about this colour combo is perfection! I simply must take a serious style cue from you and partner yellow, purple and silver together (soon!).

♥ Jessica