Tied the knot

I tied a knot on my shirt today, instead of the usual "tuck-in".
Jones New York printed skirt - Tommy Hilfiger blue jeans button down - Tsubo yellow heels -
Purple bag Kenneth Cole Reaction
I was very happy with the results.

 However, I must confess that now that I see it, 
I should have worn a tank under the button down
so there was no skin showing.

But the outfit worked, worked well into the night as
I had a class today.



A Very Sweet Blog said...

lorena, i love that denim shirt with that lovely printed skirt doll. you don't need another shirt underneath. you looked great! love your shoes. great color. i love your use of color and prints. you do a great job matching things up.

Cool Vanity said...

Me encanta esta falda. Acabo de publicar la entrada con los famosos pantalones cuando publiques tú con el tuyo hago el enlace con tu foto. Bsinos.

Mica said...

Such a lovely printed skirt! I like your top tied up too - you're not showing any skin so no need for a tank underneath :)

Chronically Vintage said...

Wonderful, vibrant outfit! I adore every last detail and colour, dear Lorena.

♥ Jessica

drollgirl said...

very cute!

and you are looking so thin! please make sure you don't get TOO thin!