Cool Vanity's trousers

Last month when I posted about my purchases, 
a blogger I follow mentioned how she got the 
same trousers, also on sale.

Printed trousers Zara - Peplum burgundy top H&M - Black wrap belt H&M -
 Black suedes shoes Moleca - Roberto Cavalli black bag - Vintage pearl ring
I got mine for 39.99 USD plus tax.
Happens her sales price was wayyyyyyy better than mine,
as she picked up the same pair for just 9.99 €uros.
That's what I call a real sale :)
I feel I have been robbed by Zara !!

So, we thought we'd pair up and wear them at the same time.
You can check out her entire post here - her blog is Cool Vanity.

Below is how she wore it in cool weather - doesn't she look great ?
And above, well you saw how it 
was worn in the tropics :)

Pictures from COOL VANITY

This variation in price, makes me wonder, how do you know
if a sale is a real sale ?


and so it goes.... said...

Regardless of the little extra you spent, it was worth it because you look great! Love the way she styled her look too though. Applause for both of yoU!


Cool Vanity said...

Lorena, el pantalón igual que el tuyo lo tengo programado en una entrada para el jueves, este que llevo es distinto. Pero te agradezco mucho lo del enlace, si te parece bien el jueves enlazo mi entrada con la tuya. Bsinos.

LyddieGal said...

that is a good question - I always hate it when I buy something on sale, only for me to later see it has been further reduced!

But I guess a real sale is what ever is low enough to persuade you to buy it.

Love the pants, and you both look fab in them!
Chic on the Cheap

Lisa - respect the shoes said...

The print is fantastic on those trousers, it looks great on both of you!

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Fashion for Beauty

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this!

Fashion for Beauty

Chronically Vintage said...

That's a really good question, and one that I think boils down to the going prices of items in the area where you live. If something is, say, 75% off the regular price anywhere, chances are it will constitute a good sale price.

♥ Jessica

drollgirl said...

lol. sometimes it is upsetting to find out others got a better deal. VERY UPSETTING! but even worse is when i pay full price for an item and later see it on the clearance rack. ARGH!!!!

Lisa said...

So easy and pretty. I LOVE this outfit. It looks comfy, pretty and easy to wear.