All sorts of black

Walking out that door was not simple this morning.
Something happened... again.
I tried on several outfits without any of them being acceptable.
Nothing looked good, nothing fit right.
So, I went all black...
 - Black lace top Tapemeasure - black tank - black trousers Charter Club - Black Moleca shoes - Urban Expressions bag 

However it was not ALL THE SAME BLACK.
It was suede black shoes, lace black top and black trousers.
All belong to different "eras" if I may say, meaning that 
some have never been worn (shoes) and some have been washed 
a zillion times. 

But, I was running late - no option to change again, 
so all different blacks it is.


drollgirl said...

oh those mornings! gah! i had one of them today, too. and i ended up wearing something that isn't so flattering and i have been yanking on it all day. argh!

but YOU pulled off your like quite well!

drollgirl said...

i meant LOOK. gah. sorry!

Style Journey said...

Nothing wrong with all black at all. I actually love all black together. You look so pulled together. Very classy :)

LyddieGal said...

haha, i hate it when blacks dont match (or when i put on navy and think it is black!)
The lace top is very pretty though - it's saves the look!

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