Little things

I am one of those people that gets attached to things.
Not because of the value but, for what they mean to me.
A piece of cloth that belonged to my great grandmother or
my grandfather's handkerchief are good examples.

Banana Republic trousers - Melissa red shoes - Carven tank - Quest Top - Arena Milano yellow bag 

So, this morning while I picked out  earrings to wear, I came across a 
pair of pearl earrings that were given to me by my uncle when I turned 15. 

The earrings came with a necklace that is gone
as the pearls began to flake.
Being able to wear these earrings 20 years later and
remembering the moment he gave them to me, is special, 
mostly because my uncle is long gone. 
That was the last birthday we had together.


Emma said...

I also get attached to things for the same reasons. You look Great and those are Beautiful earrings!

Biba said...

I'm like that as well. Precious earrings!

Megan Mae said...

I get attached to things, but in a family of givers I've had to learn to treasure some things and let others go. My family loves to give nick-knacks and I try to reduce clutter!

Those earrings have a good story behind them though and are more than worth treasuring.

Sheila said...

I am like that with things too - they remind me of the person they belonged to, or who gave the item to me. That's so nice that you think of your uncle when you wear those.

Love the yellow purse with this ensemble.

Jenava said...

Love this outfit...I may copy it soon! I am very sentimental as well. (-:

Bombshellicious said...

I so love the earring, pearls are one of my favourites and its nice to remember people thats why I wear my Dads watch xx