WTF: Christmas Card Edition

Do you guys still sit down and write Christmas cards ?
Well, I certainly still do.
Not many of them, but I send at least 8 cards each year.

I bought a box of Hallmark Christmas tree cards about 2 years
ago and I custom decorate them before sending them out.

Shortly after I mailed my cards this year,
I was getting ready to work on the
company's holiday cards and seeking
inspiration in Google, I came across
some cards I continue to laugh at and
also cards I hope I never get.
Since it is the holiday season, I
thought I would share the laughter with you!

I know there are quite a few cat lovers out there but, I
cannot stop laughing at this.
They look alike!

image from cat card

There is no Christmas these days without a little Hasselhoff, 
it's karma, I am telling you it's karma!

Image from

If you thought it could not get any worst, check these out.
For real, what were they thinking or better yet, 
What where they high on ?
I cannot imagine the conversation previous to this photo shoot, 
but I got a feeling it was HER idea.

Image from

I have never received a greeting from a local governor, 
representative or anyone in my government, NEVER.
They celebrate in a big party sponsored by my taxes.
These cards really make me think how lucky the people of 
California's 47th District (Drollgirl is that you ?) 
must feel by knowing where some of their taxpayer's money goes:

Classy Christmas cards from Loretta AND Gretsky.

Image from

In order to pull something of this caliber off, you got to be
a really, really good Congresswoman.
Check out Gretzky riding a bike without a helmet...

Image from

Not sure if she is a good Congresswoman but it does not
seem she is a responsible pet owner, check out Gretzky's tail...

This is a card I would not like to get
however I have a list, short list, of people
who are well deserving of it.

Merry Christmas !


Delane said...

oh my! those made me LOL!!!


LyddieGal said...

Animal abuse!!!
Especially those poor cats on that overweight couple. i think i might vomit a little.

I still send out a few cards. not that i've done it yet but, ah, theres still time. hahahaha.

Chic on the Cheap

Bombshellicious said...

Omg they made me smile xx

Anonymous said...

LOL... some people do hvae 'crazy kinky' idea about their xmas card.
but urs surely is the cutest one (the xmas tree card)! i want one! :P

Anonymous said...

I filled in 23 cards for my workmates, used colourful pens, drew little Christmas trees and other stuff on envelopes. Not for all of them though, mostly for the girls. I brought home 7 cards from my workmates this year. They are so not getting any in 2011. :D Grr, or maybe I'll print some of the cards you showed us :D
However I still need to buy some Christmas cards for my friends who are not working with me, I am always ending up saying "sorry, I'm late, Happy New Year!"

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Love the first one Lol.