Turtleneck Tuesday

The weather here continues to be an issue.
Zara black turtleneck · Black trousers McFadden · Neiman Marcus tote · Italian scarf
Making the best out of this, I am pulling out my
scarves and sweaters to keep me warm.

This morning as I got up and watched the news I felt
awful knowing that I was conducting my life as
usual while there were so many people suddenly homeless.
It's like living in a parallel universe.

Chinese Laundry

Need to get my act together and donate, 
there is so much people in need.


KATHY said...

Buenas tardes Lore..que linda!!! y estas en epocas natalinas..
lindo los accesorios

ana said...

Acá también hace un frío espantoso, en 1 mes ya me dió gripa dos veces asshhhh pero tienes razón si nosotros estamos así imagínate la gente que le falta un techo o que no tiene suficientes recursos...

Elaine said...

Love it!! You look so classy and elegant!!


Shybiker said...

Sorry to hear about the troubles in your area. It's laudable you feel the impulse to be charitable.

drollgirl said...

well your post title made me laugh! and i love your jewelry!

my sister and i went to lunch today, and walked out of the restaurant carrying our to-go boxes. a homeless guy came up to us and asked us for our food. and we gave it to him. how could we not?! i know it is so hard for so many people, and this has been a kind of rough year for me, but so many others have it so much worse. it is good to help out when we can. :)

B a la Moda said...

Qué chulo el color de los zapatos!!

B* a la Moda