Tight Night

I wore my fuchsia tights all day through the night.
Zara black turtleneck · Melissa shoes · Fashion Art USA black mini skirt - Neiman Marcus tote
Did a little adjustment to the outfit, but I kept the tights.
It was chilly as it rained all night so I 
took advantage of this terrible weather.
Somehow I had a 60's vibe going on, can you feel it ?

My Vivien Westwood for Melissa jelly shoes have come in 
very handy for these rainy days. 

Forever 21 necklace

I had not worn a skirt this short in years.
In fact this skirt is about 15 years old, 
I remember buying it for a Christmas party...
It is probably one of THE oldest items in MY closet.
Oldest items that I have purchased, this does not 
include my vintage stuff.

have purchased... do you still wear it ?


Anonymous said...

I used to wear my mom's old school blazer to school. :D Paired with my grandpa's (yes, grandpa's!) pants. I believe it's the oldest clothes I ever had on.
Now since I moved to England in 2005, I don't own anything older than 5 year.

I still like your tights very much. :) good way to brighten up black outfit.

Sheila said...

Oh wow, I still have items that are over 20 years old, but I don't wear them anymore.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I LOVE Melissa shoes !!!

Delane said...

I have a pair of... I will fit back in these pants some day pants. They are white, they are a size 6. Last I wore them I was 135 lbs. I probably will never fit back into them, but they remind me of my long lost youth and slim hips. I cannot part with them.

LOVE the pink tights!