Night to Day

Or day to night...
whichever way you want to have it.
I wore this black tube top twice this weekend.
Once to go out at night.
 · Jeans 7 For All Mankind · Black Top · Wedgdes Nine West ·Necklace Forever 21 
Then I wore it again on Sunday with a cardigan.
·Unionbay jeans · Black top · Forever 21 cardigan · Qupid wedges · Neiman Marcus tote

The main reason I wear things twice on a weekend is the "laundry" part.
I believe that since I do not work the land or work as a mechanic 
my clothes do not get to the dirty-enough-to-be-washed status that fast.
Yes, I know that instead of wearing them two straight days in
a row I could wear it one day and then a week after...
unfortunately where I live I can't do that.
Humidity is a monster !
If I hang this top to be worn later this week, it will grow mold.
Yes, mold.
So, I wear them 2 days in a row...


Iris said...

I love the fabric necklace you wore to go out at night, it's so pretty!

Shybiker said...

The two-days-in-a-row practice makes sense. It's wasteful to wash clothes before they need it.

I like the top! It's cute and versatile. This type of item is something I'd never buy 'cause I don't know how to use it, but looking at your pictures gives me valuable ideas. Thanks!